"Should you penetrate the town before Kautz, who is to attack on the Jerusalem road,
the public buildings, public stores, bridges across the Appomattox, depots, and cars,
are all to be destroyed."                      Union General Gilmore's instructions to General Hinks.

The Response was "Strategic Deception!"  
Read More About It:
The Petersburg Campaign, The Battle of Old Men and Young Boys,
June 9, 1864, Preface, William G. Robertson, 1989,H. E. Howard, Inc.
"Much like Buford's Cavalry set the stage for what was to be at Gettysburg,  the Battle of the 9th of June set the stage for what was to follow for 9 1/2 months  at Petersburg."
-- E. Moore, 10th Mass Battery

Although smaller by some comparison,  the consequences of this battle bring it to a very significant level in the history of the nine and a half months of siege warfare at Petersburg and BEYOND.

Douglas Southall Freeman called this
9 June 1864 battle at Petersburg:  "perhaps the unique battle of the entire war!"

"A major reason for the uniqueness of the Battle is the fact that the citizens of Petersburg themselves contributed heavily to the successful defense of the city, and paid a disproportionate share of the cost.  Another reason is the possibility that there might never have been a 10 month Siege of Petersburg if the results of the Battle of 9 June had been reversed.  Still another reason, and one important to all Americans, is the fact that the great national day of remembrance known as Memorial Day indirectly stemmed from ceremonies begun at Petersburg in 1866 commemorating the heroes of "The Ninth of June."

     In addition, I highly recommend Williams G. Robertson's excellent book noted here.    Robertson lets us know that "it is an important story, a story of heroism and sacrifice which belongs to all Americans, and which the Cockade City is proud to share with the rest of the nation."         It must be told!
ENTER the 9th of June 1864 by <clicking the site photo> above.
First Attack Petersburg Battlefield
Present Day Graham Road, Petersburg where Union General Kautz was repulsed
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Battle as reported on 13 June 1864  <Click on the "TRIBUNE"> Below
"It is history that teaches us to hope..." R. E. Lee     -&-     Please look for this story when you visit us at Petersburg
> CLICK ON THE BULLET for this 1923 Living Veteran Historical Account
The Battle of The Old Men and Young Boys -- <Click> on the  Petersburg Trade Tokens
Petersburg & Richmond Newspaper Account 10,11 June 1864
11 June 1864 - The Richmond Dispatch
  10 June 1864 -  The Petersburg Express
Monument & Memorial Photographs, Location, & Maps
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"Old Men & Young Boys" -- HEROES OF 9 JUNE 1864
We Will Always Remember you!
William C. Bannister
J. William Bellingham
Henry A. Blanks
E. P. Brown
George R. Conway
John Crowder
William Daniel
John E. Friend
W. H. Hardee
Lt. Wayles Hurt
Adj. G. Guy Johnson
W. F. Johnson
George B. Jones
Godfrey Staubley
Richard Bagby
C. L. Bartlett
Dr. W. A. Bellingham
James Cain
Richard M. Carey
John F. Glenn
William Griffith
Samuel Hall
Lt. A. C. Harrison
Richard A. Harrison
William E. Harwood
William F. Johnson
William Kuykendall
William Lecture
William Meanly
Henry Marsh
Robert A. Martin
Norbourne T. Page
Nathan B. Pritchard
Lt. George V. Scott
A. S. Shaffer
Capt. Payton Alfriend
Branch T. Archer
James Boisseau
Lt. Berthier Bott
E. A Broadnax
George Cameron
Thomas Chalkley
Thomas W. Clements
Joseph D. Cooper
William L. Crowder
R. H. Daniel
Thomas D. Davidson
John Davidson
John L. Emory
J. L. Evans
Peyton Fuqua
Rev. William A. Hall
Rev. John A. Jefferson
Joseph R. Johnson
Samuel Jones
Hon. A. M. Keiley
William C. Lumsden
T. J. McCaleb
Robert M. McCandlish
Joseph R. McCann
William Mann
Frank Mattox
Joseph L. Peebles
Timothy Rives
J. N. Roper
William (Warren) Russell
James Smith
John E. Smith
John B. Stevens
Alexander Vaughn
Capt. James E. Wolff
William Baxter
Charles F. Collier
John H. Cooper
BG Raleigh Colston
Lawson Crowder
_______ Grigg
Capt. Peter D. Hare
Robert R. Hill
Capt. Wiliam H. Jarvis
James Kerr
Johnny Kerr
Francis Major
William Weddell