7th Connecticut SOLDIER'S LETTER to his father, Bermuda Hundred, VA JUNE 23, 1864:

            Several days have passed since I have written any of you..................
.........I suppose Grant is down about Petersburg somewhere.  I was out with the first reconnaissance that way under Gen. Gilmore and at the time that Butler thought Gilmore should have taken the city.  The matter I suppose which caused Gilmore's removal.

Think however that Gilmore will be reappointed since it is now clearly seen that it would have been fallacy to have 5000 men against the defenses of Petersburg which Grant has been reconnoitering about with the flowers of his army for more than a week.

Gen. Gilmore has always been the favorite commander
of officers and men of the 10th Army Corps and we hope he will command again.  I have been unwell for a few days........

Don't know when I'll be home.

E. Evelyn Stevens"

[7th Connecticut, "at Petersburg"].

A letter home about
the 1st Battle
to Capture Petersburg,
9 JUNE 1864

"By means of a scurrilous propaganda of lies about Southern life and culture and slavery, a haughty, self-serving, power seeking, greedy government, backed by religious, educational and social leaders who were spiritually bankrupt, were able to manipulate the newly-organized Republican Party to wage a total war of aggression against the South."

-- Rev. Fr.  Alister C. Anderson