Richard "Dick" Poplar Memorial Program 
 A Petersburg Virginia Black Confederate and Prisoner of War Story
Sussex Light Dragoons 13th Virginia Cavalry
Good Copperheads / Virginians
Black Confederate Musician
The Committee
History of Tidewater Virginia
Dixie Days Hanover County
Virginia History Teachers
Blandford Cemetery
Robert Harrison, 37th Texas
Irish War Stories At Fort Gregg April 2, 1865
Edmund Ruffin Camp 3000 Fire-Eaters, Hanover, Virginia
Sharing Virginia's Rich Southern History at Blandford Chruch on Richard Poplar Day 2006
Richard Poplar Memorial Committee

 Upon "Telling the Whole Story"  
OK men, here's the plan!
Third Year attending this memorial!
...Richard Poplar.
Those Telling Virginia's Rich History